Finished Object Friday: Tulip Baby Sweater (for girl)

Babies.  So they take 9 month; 40 weeks; 280 days to make ten fingers, ten toes, a complex nervous system, a heart, miles of veins and arteries and 305 bones.  It is no easy task to be sure, however with 6 months notice I can’t seem to complete a baby sweater in that amount of time.  Sometimes I think it is because I have a fear of sending knitting out into the world.  Sometimes I think it is because I worry the recipient won’t really appreciate the gift, they would rather get that gift card to Buy Buy Baby or Target.  Sometimes I think it is because I can’t imagine that it will actually fit on a human (and I usually make the year or 18 month size) Sometimes I just think it is because I have a fear of finishing things.

Whatever it is I have half knit sweaters hanging around that were originally started for children who are now three or four and they are definitely too small now.  But I have no need for small sweaters even if I did make them with my own two hands.



Yes that photo was taken in my car because while I only had to add a little applied i cord for the tie, I couldn’t finish in time for the shower.  I couldn’t finish in time for the birth.  And to be honest I only finished it sitting in the car before going in to see my friend’s beautiful 6 week old baby.  So much for blocking.

  • Pattern:  Tulip, A colorful cardigan for baby by Lindsay Pekney
  • Yarn:  Dream in Color Classy
  • Finished:  16 May 2018




WIP: Jonesy

While working on Amalia I realized that my life would be made easier if I bought a size three needle with a longer cable than the one I was using.  Not to say that I didn’t already own one but I couldn’t easily put my hands on it and if it was in a project, I am not sure I was willing to put that project on stitch holders.  (This may give you an idea of the disarray of my knitting life).  So, in an effort to make my life easier, I headed out to my LYS to buy one and of course wondered around looking at the shop samples.  I believe there was a trunk sale going on but what caught my eye was sort of shoved into a corner and under a shawl or two. The stripes are subtle, the construction simple and the yarn is interesting…


When I tried to find the pattern on the store’s iPad set up for Ravelry, it is listed as no longer available.  Hmm, I went home without the yarn.  Well, a little searching on the interwebs and I found the pattern.  I think maybe I should make this as my next knit…then a few days later, I find myself back at Fiber Space.  It doesn’t help that it is on my way home from work.  The color I choose was Spincycle Dyed in the Wool in Grumpy Birds.grumpy birds

While procrastinating the finishing needed on Amalia, I knit up a gauge swatch and then cast on.  I noted while browsing finished projects on Ravely that this is a cropped sweater.  Next chance I had, I bought the last skein in the store.


WIP Wednesday: Amalia



I am a bit of a hockey fan and have had season tickets to the Capitals since 1998.  I had seen them a few times as a kid and then when I went away to college I ended up in the North at schools that had hockey teams but not football teams.  I paid attention and started to learn the game then after graduating I worked at a company that had sponsored boards at the University rink and would often offer the tickets to  my co-workers and me.  I was dating a guy who had played growing up and we would go to the live games.  We would watch games occasionally on TV as well and I always rooted for the my hometown team, the Capitals.  They were never much good but I am loyal.

When I moved back to Virginia in 1998, I looked into getting tickets.  I had just started my job and was working for almost no pay the first 4 months with promise of a “good” contract in the fall.  I bought a ten pack of tickets, even that late in the season the new stadium was at best half full and usually a good number of opposing team fans.  There was no thought about buying playoff tickets and since my dad was helping to pay my rent until my contract came through, no money for them either.  That year they made it to the Stanley Cup Final and were swept 4-0 by the Detroit Red Wings.  For the next 20 years they haven’t made it past round two if they have made it that far.  Usually it was the Pittsburgh Penguins who crushed our playoff run.

Well, this year is different.  Attending all of the home games, I rarely watch hockey on TV.  Oh, I will glance up or follow a couple of plays if it is on while I am out having an adult beverage at the bar but during the regular season, I rarely go out of my way to see an away game.  That changes during the playoffs.  If my team is playing, I want to see what is happening.  So I have been heading over to a friend’s house a couple of times a week to spend three hours in front of the TV.  Somewhere in the midst of the Penguin series (round two) I found myself at my local yarn shop to check out the trunk show for the shipment of hazel knits and picked up  this pattern for Quince&co amalia.


photo borrowed from quince&co

Pattern:  amalia

designer:  Pam Allen

Started:  May 6

Every away game has me knitting furiously on this simple shell that is a mix of garter and stockinette (great for knitting by feel).  I have finished the back and am on the armhole shaping on the front.  The Caps play tomorrow evening against the Vegas Golden Knights.  The series stands 3-1 in favor of the Caps.  Just know I will be cheering and knitting and worrying and gnashing my teeth.  Lets go Caps!!



Work in Progress Wednesday: Leftie


Back in 2015 I went to the Madrona Winter Retreat in Tacoma Washington.  It falls over President’s Day weekend and is an absolutely fabulous getaway in the dregs of winter in Virginia.  Although in full disclosure on more than one occasion the weather here in Virginia has made it difficult to get to and snowmageddon in 2010 had me missing the first two days as I tried to re-book flights across the country.  But the organizers are wonderful and the Hotel Murano sparked my love of boutique hotels and is a wonderful place to stay if you can get a room.   The retreat has top notch instructors, a wonderful yarn market and is very well organized.

I was walking around between my classes and spotted a woman wearing a Leftie shawl and became smitten.  Wandering the yarn market I had become strangely obsessed with the Hazel Knits being sold there but had told myself  that I couldn’t buy any yarn without a specific project in mind.  Problem solved!!  I had grabbed some random balls of knit picks pallet that I had laying around  for the class samples for one of my classes and was oddly drawn to the orange and blue combination of these samples.  This likely influenced my color choices.  Every time I think I am almost done, I put it down to find the pattern for the castoff and when I come back to it I decide I want it bigger (after having surpassed the 29 leaves of the original pattern).  hopefully I will be able to feature it in Finished Object Friday soon.



Once upon a time I had a blog to help me organize my thoughts and keep my knitting straight, remember recipes that I had written and keep myself honest with my goals and accomplishments.  Lots has happened since then but recent moving and actual organizing brought it back to my memory.  In what seems to be the story of my knitting career, I have always had an issue with the finishing of projects, especially when the recipient was small and quickly growing.  I had an almost finished Tulip Baby Cardigan that I was making for a baby shower when I decided it was kind of pink and the recipient was a little boy.  I don’t have an issue with it, but some people do and so I thought maybe I should order the boys kit (more blues and greens).  At the time of the shower I was about half done…20180401_170027.jpgnothing has happened since then and our Max is 3 months old.  Max needs a sweater.  While organizing the new craft room (more on that later), I came across a beautiful green Celtic sweater, finished except for the buttons, perfect for a little boy whose mother was born a Sullivan.

It first came to the needles 6 September 2006 and was first sighted on my blog here, in the knitting bag a few days later, a month later I had finished the back.  I mention this because it wasn’t in my Ravelry projects and I didn’t have a clue what the pattern was or when I had knit it.  So the blog led me to the pattern, it is Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff.   It was originally intended for my best friend’s daughter who is now eleven? I think it was time to choose some buttons and gift it to a baby who will wear it.
(My floors are somewhere between those two photos in person.)  Did I mention I have another baby shower on Wednesday?  Time to put that Tulip Baby Cardigan, not the one above but the one intended for a little girl who is almost three.  It just needs neckbands and ties.