WIP Wednesday: Amalia



I am a bit of a hockey fan and have had season tickets to the Capitals since 1998.  I had seen them a few times as a kid and then when I went away to college I ended up in the North at schools that had hockey teams but not football teams.  I paid attention and started to learn the game then after graduating I worked at a company that had sponsored boards at the University rink and would often offer the tickets to  my co-workers and me.  I was dating a guy who had played growing up and we would go to the live games.  We would watch games occasionally on TV as well and I always rooted for the my hometown team, the Capitals.  They were never much good but I am loyal.

When I moved back to Virginia in 1998, I looked into getting tickets.  I had just started my job and was working for almost no pay the first 4 months with promise of a “good” contract in the fall.  I bought a ten pack of tickets, even that late in the season the new stadium was at best half full and usually a good number of opposing team fans.  There was no thought about buying playoff tickets and since my dad was helping to pay my rent until my contract came through, no money for them either.  That year they made it to the Stanley Cup Final and were swept 4-0 by the Detroit Red Wings.  For the next 20 years they haven’t made it past round two if they have made it that far.  Usually it was the Pittsburgh Penguins who crushed our playoff run.

Well, this year is different.  Attending all of the home games, I rarely watch hockey on TV.  Oh, I will glance up or follow a couple of plays if it is on while I am out having an adult beverage at the bar but during the regular season, I rarely go out of my way to see an away game.  That changes during the playoffs.  If my team is playing, I want to see what is happening.  So I have been heading over to a friend’s house a couple of times a week to spend three hours in front of the TV.  Somewhere in the midst of the Penguin series (round two) I found myself at my local yarn shop to check out the trunk show for the shipment of hazel knits and picked up  this pattern for Quince&co amalia.


photo borrowed from quince&co

Pattern:  amalia

designer:  Pam Allen

Started:  May 6

Every away game has me knitting furiously on this simple shell that is a mix of garter and stockinette (great for knitting by feel).  I have finished the back and am on the armhole shaping on the front.  The Caps play tomorrow evening against the Vegas Golden Knights.  The series stands 3-1 in favor of the Caps.  Just know I will be cheering and knitting and worrying and gnashing my teeth.  Lets go Caps!!




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