WIP: Jonesy

While working on Amalia I realized that my life would be made easier if I bought a size three needle with a longer cable than the one I was using.  Not to say that I didn’t already own one but I couldn’t easily put my hands on it and if it was in a project, I am not sure I was willing to put that project on stitch holders.  (This may give you an idea of the disarray of my knitting life).  So, in an effort to make my life easier, I headed out to my LYS to buy one and of course wondered around looking at the shop samples.  I believe there was a trunk sale going on but what caught my eye was sort of shoved into a corner and under a shawl or two. The stripes are subtle, the construction simple and the yarn is interesting…


When I tried to find the pattern on the store’s iPad set up for Ravelry, it is listed as no longer available.  Hmm, I went home without the yarn.  Well, a little searching on the interwebs and I found the pattern.  I think maybe I should make this as my next knit…then a few days later, I find myself back at Fiber Space.  It doesn’t help that it is on my way home from work.  The color I choose was Spincycle Dyed in the Wool in Grumpy Birds.grumpy birds

While procrastinating the finishing needed on Amalia, I knit up a gauge swatch and then cast on.  I noted while browsing finished projects on Ravely that this is a cropped sweater.  Next chance I had, I bought the last skein in the store.



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